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CANCELLED Welcome Ride
Jul 31

CANCELLED Welcome Ride

Registrations Closed
Date & Time
31 July 2021 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Are Closed

Welcome Ride

Official WelcomeRide cancelled due to Covid restrictions of 10 person gatherings.

Rides will be reintroduced when we can gather in sufficient numbers to make a ride viable.

Event Type
Welcome Ride

Saturday 24th Jul 2021
Mystery Ride
Mystery Ride Meet at Harley Heaven 10:00am for 10:30am departure. A short ride that's a mystery to everyone - even Andrew! Road Captain: Andrew Phelan Maximum 20 people to comply with Govt regulations Social Distancing rules must be adhered to - 1.5m spacing at all times. No venue has been booked. There will be options for Take-Aways, Cafes & Bakeries at the destination for drinks/coffees/food when we arrive - we hope ...
Sunday 1st Aug 2021
CANCELLED August Chapter Ride
Chapter Ride Destination: TBA Maximum 50 people to comply with Govt regulations Meet at United Inbound 8:30am for 9:00am departure. Road Captain: ...

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