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Yarra Valley Poker Run - Club Ride to YVC's event
Nov 10

Yarra Valley Poker Run - Club Ride to YVC's event

Registrations Closed
Date & Time
10 November 2019 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Registrations Are Closed

We are scheduling a Club Ride to Yarra Valley Chapter's annual Poker Run.
Arrive United Inbound at 7am for a 7:30am departure for Healesville.
Please register here if you are coming to United Inbound for the Club Ride only.

Otherwise, just register on the alternate event if you plan on meeting us there.

Pat O'Malley will lead this ride to Healseville at which time this ride ends and Yarra take over as Event owner.

Event Type
Group Ride

Sunday 10th Nov 2019
Yarra Valley Poker Run
Yarra Valley Poker Run ...
Friday 15th Nov 2019 - Sunday 17th Nov 2019

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